Idea Factories


An Idea Factory is a person, a group of person or any corporate entity that presents concepts, thoughts, methods or perspectives (usually original or revived) that command the interest, participation, imitation or outright opposition from other persons, group of persons, corporate entity or a dominant power.

Idea factories are so powerful that most prevailing powers tremble when they are formed, detest their audacity and are quick to buying them off, or out-rightly destroying them if they become a significant threat. A good example is the emergence of Jesus Christ, met with the Herodian massacre of the innocent babies of Bethlehem.(Matthew 2:16).

It is interesting that most prevailing powers started as idea factories. And quite interestingly too, The Almighty introduced a cycle that ensures that such prevailing powers do not perpetuate their powers, by making sure they too are disrupted by another Idea factory. This has helped maintain a balance, and helped sustain the concept of humanity as we all know it.

But because absolute power corrupt absolutely (John Acton), in a spontaneous action, most prevailing powers always dream of a supreme status when they are absolutely immune to disruption by new Idea factories. These tendencies have repeatedly manifested itself in history in form of political wickedness, cruel oppression, nepotism,truancy, sometimes artificial poverty and crisis. In the business clime, some prevailing powers stage strong monopolies to wade off new Idea factories.

But history, and indeed scriptures has taught us that no matter how strong, how infallible, no matter how magnificent, how powerful, prevailing powers will always be overthrown by new Idea factories. And that will continue until Shiloh comes. (Genesis 49:10)



Oluwatosin Bukun-Joseph (Odubela)

Founder/CEO, QuickHelp Nigeria, SYL Multimedia, Ex- OAUCDL IT Head, Creative Entrepreneur, eLearning and AI/ML developer. Futurist, speaker, instructor.