Morality or Modern Correctness

Oluwatosin Bukun-Joseph (Odubela)
2 min readDec 18, 2020



Morality is not the same as ethics, professionalism or being socially or spiritually correct.

Morality stems from The Supreme being, who created the triggers of our conscience, that benchmarks our limits for good or evil. Morality is divine. That is why you can’t expect morality from any system that rejects God or would operate without God.

In more explicit terms, crushing racism, addressing the global climate or preserving nature, promoting equality and other forms of modern correctness is NOT Morality.

Though they have helped humanity maintain the bar for acceptable norms that keep society sane, these rules are largely ideas founded on ‘conscious science’ or application of ‘conscious science’ aside from allowances for class, survival or other forms of gratifications.

But alas, many scientific theories such as “Dinosaurs died off because of a volcano” or “There are only nine planets that exist” have become utterly disrupted, in the light of newer scientific findings, giving us a hint that science can lead to catastrophe, if our sense of good or evil is ultimately based on it.

For instance, Falsehood can be correct if the ethics agree (e.g Legal advocacy). Lawyers shouldn’t lie, but they don’t have to fact-check their clients, to keep their clients, and earn their living. Terminating unborn babies (or birth control) can be pardonable and even promoted if the ethics of the society agree on Legalised abortions.

And curiously, the world has never been able to define the right matrix, calibration and gauge for ethics, rules or norms without ultimately consulting with Morality.

Morality has always been the final clearing house anytime evil hold sway in the presence of an all encompassing ideology that spiral out of control, such as the Nazi Party of the second world war. The Nazi party, at its golden age promoted an ideology that was grossly acceptable to many because it presented an ‘eldorado’ at the expense of completely obliterating another ideology, along the lines of race and religion.

But when the threat became globally real, Moral standards began to emerge as the only solution to a monster that must now be tamed, and of a necessity be completely destroyed. Basic Morality became the selling point for enlisting men and women into the multiple armies that executed the battles, and won the war.

More worrying still, it has become obvious that any system that has absolute control over our minds can determine our “Moral compass”. Social media now does the programming. AI now easily designs a reward or rebuke system that ensures that the controlled remains very loyal and obedient, while also maintaining the controlling system’s anonymity.

So friends, if we seek the true lines between good and evil, you can’t find it between Trump and Biden. Lets seek The Supreme Being through his Word, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is our Moral Compass.



Oluwatosin Bukun-Joseph (Odubela)

Founder/CEO, QuickHelp Nigeria, SYL Multimedia, Ex- OAUCDL IT Head, Creative Entrepreneur, eLearning and AI/ML developer. Futurist, speaker, instructor.