When this Jesus doesn’t make sense

Oluwatosin Bukun-Joseph (Odubela)
5 min readMar 13, 2021

I realized that for many, the reality of Jesus doesn’t make so much sense. Maybe the story should be explained a bit differently. So here is my version of the long story made short, as summarized from the Bible.

Are you heart broken, confused, afraid or just unsure about everything? Before we came into the scene , there was already so much trouble, so you are not alone. That explains the frequent feeling of “why did I get into all of this, why was I even born?” Yes, there has been so much crisis in the world before we were even born. But there was actually more trouble before Jesus came. We call that era BC.

You really have to believe that God is real. He is the supreme super intelligent being that created all things well and beautiful, and in perfect order. We (Christians) fondly call him Father or Daddy.

Satan is also real. He is a sworn and condemned rebel against God and God’s order. Though he is invisible to the naked eyes, he is behind every single pain, disorder, death and confusion that has plagued man, right from the beginning.

God therefore had a plan. He wanted to destroy Satan’s capacity to cause so much misery. The plan would involve paying a price. But why the price? Here’s the story…

Man was created a master piece. His spirit came out of God’s spirit, so he became a son of God. Sons of God are also referred to as gods. Man had physical dominion over the physical world, and at the same time, had spiritual presence and glory, just like God.

But after a short while, man sinned against God by making a choice to “know everything God knows”, thereby being like God himself. But that was a catastrophic error. He was deceived by the same Satan to rebel against God by eating a forbidden fruit. The consequence of this act was death.

Death is arguably a very interesting concept. Interesting because as the instance of the Almighty God, man died, yet, he “did not die”. Interesting right? You are right; death is the termination of life. Man was separated from the source of all life (God). So technically man died spiritually. And it was just a matter of time before his body would follow suit. And indeed, his body followed suit.

But as if that was not enough, consequent to his spiritual death, man became just like wild animals. So technically, biologists are right. After man lost his spiritual presence and glory, he became brutish, helpless and very vulnerable to satanic oppression and destruction. That explains all he carnage what we see on CNN, BBC, Aljazeera etc.

But God did not loose sleep. He already had a plan. God is also righteous and just. This means that while man must not go unpunished, He made provision for man to escape the ultimate punishment of rebellion, the Second death.

The Solution was simple, but coded. The Lamb of God must be slain. The Serpent must bite the heels of the Son of man, while He will bruise his head. That solution was in the making when God called Abraham, when God chose Moses, raised David and overshadowed Mary the mother of Jesus. Jesus was born of the seed of God’s word (not by human intercourse) to destroy the power of Satan, once and for all. Take note that this “solution” has to be a man!

Jesus did not disappoint, despite being vigorously tempted. He though being the living Word, humbled himself, became as human as we are in obedience to God and kept strictly to the plan. Jesus was however misunderstood. The popular belief that the Messiah (the chosen anointed one) must be a king raised the hopes of Jesus’s kinsmen. But Jesus “lack of show of earthly kingly qualities”, according to them, and earthly charisma cost him His life. He was put to death. And the death was a very painful one, being nailed to trees made into a cross.

But God did not bat an eye lid. In fact, he just looked away. Why?!

Why? That was the plan! Jesus’s death was the justice demanded for man’s rebellion. So the price was paid in full. And not that, on the third day, Jesus rose again. And that is the big deal!

Rewind to the fall of man, yes the fall. Man lost his spiritual life, his spiritual presence and God’s glory. So what do you think? Jesus restored everything! But not only that, he gave man the power to torment Satan anytime he rears his ugly head. Now man is free! A very big deal because anyone that accepts Jesus as His Lord and Savior is immediately transformed and given this new nature! The bible calls it eternal life.

But wait a minute, fast-forward to “reality”. What of the death, the killings, the sickness, the hatred, the disaster? What of the hell on earth that we still read about in the newspaper and watch on TV, and perhaps encounter on daily basis? It is because Satan has realized that he’s lost the battle. He is just throwing tantrums. But unfortunately, not only that, he wants as many people as possible to end up with him in Hell, at the end of the age.

Jesus however lives forever more. And right now He says “Come unto me, all you that are stressed and heavily tasked, and I will give you rest”. Jesus can give you rest. He can resolve all your concerns, settle all your inner conflicts, answer all your questions and secure you with Him, forever.

So that is the story of our dear Lord Jesus. Little wonder why we love him so much, right? Would you say yes to Him today?

If you have read this and want to say yes to Jesus, just read this prayer to yourself, meaning every word:

Lord Jesus, I acknowledge you as Lord and Savior.

Thank you for coming to die for my sins.

I confess my sins. I want to have eternal life.

Please come into my heart and save me.

I believe you now.

Thank you for hearing me.

If you have said this prayer sincerely, kindly know that something great has happened to you. You are now born- again, and you may now also call God, Daddy! And you know what; you are in for a joyous ride. You’ll need to give me a call on 08139737650. And then I’ll pray with you, and tell you what next to do. Shalom!

But if you can’t reach me, kindly find a bible, and get a Bible believing church to attend.

Stay blessed.

Tosin Odubela.



Oluwatosin Bukun-Joseph (Odubela)

Founder/CEO, QuickHelp Nigeria, SYL Multimedia, Ex- OAUCDL IT Head, Creative Entrepreneur, eLearning and AI/ML developer. Futurist, speaker, instructor.